Books for Parents

Preparing to Adopt – England (CoramBAAF 2014)

(to buy before your preparation course)

A Child’s Journey through Placement by Vera I Fahlberg UK Edition, 2012

First steps in parenting the child who hurts. Tiddlers and Toddlers by Caroline Archer (Jessica Kingsley Publishers 1999)

Talking about Adoption to your Adopted child by Marjorie Morrison (BAAF 2004)

Adoption Conversations – What, when and how to tell by Renee Wolfs (BAAF 2008)

Loving and Living with Traumatised Children. Reflections by Adoptive Parents by Megan Hirst, 2005

Attachment, Trauma and Resilience – Therapeutic caring for children by Kate Cairns, 2002

Could you be my parent? Adoption and Fostering stories ed by Leonie Sturge-Moore, 2005

Why love matters. How affection shapes a baby’s brain by Sue Gerhardt, second edition, 2014

Adoption the essential guide by Diana Cambridge, 2012

The Adopter’s Handbook by Amy Neil Slater, 2012

Adopting a Child by Jennifer Lord, 2011

Approaching Fatherhood – A guide for adoptive dads and others by Paul May, 2005

Managing Contact by Henrietta Bond, 2007

Looking after our own – Stories of Black and Asian Adopters ed Hope Massiah, 2005

Working with children of mixed parentage ed Toyin Okitikpi, 2005

Developing Good Practice in Children’s Services eds Vicky White and John Harris, 2004

Related by adoption: a handbook for grandparents and other relatives by Heidi Argent, 2014

No Matter What: An Adoptive Family’s Story of Hope, Love and Healing’ by Sally Donovan 2013

Raising Boys: Why Boys are Different – and How to Help Them Become Happy and Well-Balanced Men by Steve Biddulph

Secure Base – Positive caregiving approaches – Hannah Kosters tip sheets (Southwark resource – can be given for different age groups)

The Primal Wound: Understanding the adopted child (2009) by Nancy Verrier

Article – “10 Things Adoptive Parents Wish Their Friends And Family Understood”. By Sarah Hitchcock. (

Nurturing natures: Attachment and Children’s Emotional, Sociocultural and Brain Development by Graham Music, 2010

Building the Bonds of Attachment – Daniel A Hughes

The Pink Guide to Adoption for Lesbians and Gay men by Nicola Hill, 2012

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk – Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish, (practical advice on the best way of getting children to cooperate – without resorting to arguing or telling them off)