Multicultural Adoptions Video Stories

Identity is a journey (Marcus Lyon)

Who are we? Marcus asks us to question how our identities are formed. Using Somos Brasil (We are Brazil), a multi media photography, sound and DNA project, he brings us images, stories and ancestral DNA to examine modern Brazilian identity. In turn he asks us to consider what drives us and what we can become.

Believe me or not, there are biological kids that just do not look like their parents,and here we are, this is me. I look very North European, to the extent that, when I was living in the Netherlands, people would talk to me in Dutch and they would be upset by me asking question in English. Little did they know, that I was born and raised in Italy.

The most funny and strange situations have happen with my biological mum, who likes to sun bath a lot and she looks pretty much like the Italian stereotype┬á woman you would expect to see. She is like 6 shades of skin color far from me ­čÖé

So, despite if you are an adoptive or a biological kid, I believe your identity should be pretty much up to what you feel it should be, and not what some unknown alchemy decided that you should appear. As crazy as that may sound.

Few talks are able to gently challenge strongly held beliefs about equality and inequality. In this talk Helen gives a full spectrum talk on equity using, poetry, statistics and strong arguments. Judge Helen Whitener was a former Washington State Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals Judge and a former pro-tem judge in Pierce County District Court and the City of Tacoma Municipal Court. She is very active locally, nationally and internationally in various community service activities. She speaks often on Human Rights, Access to Justice, and the rights and responsibility of the judiciary in ensuring the rights of all that appear before them to basic dignity and respect in judicial proceedings. Judge Whitener is a member of the International Association of Women Judges Association, the American Judge Association, the National Association of Women Judges, the Washington Courts Superior Court Judges Association and the Washington State Bar Association.