From Foster Care to Adoption

The average person in the world is estimated to change house 8 times in the entire life. The majority of the child that are in the adoption system, would have most likely changed between 3 to 8 fosters care, in less than 5/6 years, in their entire life.

By the time foster child, Lydia Joyner, was 18 years old, she had lived in 35 different homes, had 18 social workers, and had her name changed 4 times. In this emotional episode of Epiphany, Lydia, now an adult, opens up about her traumatic experience navigating the foster care system. Recently, Lydia a writer and filmmaker, collaborated with Reboot Stories, Columbia University, Orange Duffle Bag Initiative and the Harmony Institute to create, My Sky is Falling, an immersive story driven experience created to highlight the challenges American foster children endure within the foster care system.

Another touching personal experience of changing foster home during childhood.

This foster care video is about when children in foster care move homes. This was a question from a viewer. She wanted to know why kids get bounced around homes. It is usually due to their behaviors. I discuss why it is so important to know what behaviors you are willing to work with before saying yes to a foster child. Why it is so important to minimize moves, and some of the feelings and behaviors foster children might have. Please remember to look at all situations through the eyes of the child.